Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 5 - Still Feeling Fantastic

Well today was a bit odd.. I woke up on my own an hour early and just got up. I know this isn't profound to many folks, but it's been years since my body has just woken up out of the blue. I mean, I usually get my 9-10 hours sleep and still want to murder the person responsible for alarm clocks when that dreaded beeping occurs every morning, so getting up and having ample energy to get up and make my lemonade for the diet was a pleasant surprise. One documented thing that I was surpsied was actually happening, was a heightened sense of smell. I've never had the greatest nose in the world, but it's working full on today.

I was off today, and I could tell things that were so weird. I had my windows open, and could tell my neighbor was working on his car, I could smell the fumes... and my other neighbor was definitely cooking some ribs today... GOD I love the smell of ribs. My hunger has pretty much passed... I mean, I smell this wonderful food, and the thought comes for a moment, and then immediatly passes, and I go back to drinking my lemonade, it's a pretty nice feeling actually.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 4 - Temporary Reprieve?

You know, I woke up today feeling pretty freaking good, it was a welcome change, for sure. My tongue has a white coating on it now (well it might have been there before, but it's really apparent now), which is the sign of toxins leaving your body, so that's a good thing. Man, 4 days in and I'm still surprised at how much material is being passed through me, it's ridiculous! I thought I was a human being, not a freaking silo! Everyone at work today told me I looked much better than yesterday, and I felt a noticeable increase in my energy. I'm still hungry, but not as bad as yesterday, it seems like everything is going to plan.

I decided to flirt with extra cayenne today again, and found a nice sweet spot at 1/8 TBSP, works really well for me. Realistically, the more cayenne you can tolerate, the better for you, since it acts as a blood cleanser, and after all, this is a CLEANSE. Side note: I've definitely lost a couple pounds in these 4 days, but I wasn't doing this to lose weight, I was doing this to purify myself, but hell, I guess a few positive side effects are never a bad thing, ya know? Well I've been up for a good 16 hours now, so I'm starting to get pretty tired. you can't see all the typo's I'm making because I'm a pro at backspacing, but I really need to finish my tea and get to sleep. Goodnight everyone!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 3 - Getting Tough

Man, today was pretty tough. I was really hungry most of the day, so much so that even the lemon peels from my juicer were looking somewhat appetizing, but it's still tolerable. Anyone who's ever been broke knows this feeling a bit too familiarly I imagine =P. I don't really have that much to comment about, it was a pretty dreary day. I woke up hungry, sat around, watched TV, went to work (where people were constantly asking me if I was OK, apparently I was a bit lacking in the energy department, and now I'm back at home. Man, work... I had a customer order a nice bacon wrapped filet mignon today, OMG it looked SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good... I wanted one so bad, I'm not sure if that's because I haven't eaten for 3 days, or because it's freakin bacon wrapped filet!!! I'm assuming it's a combination of A and B, for reals. BRB, I really need a drink of lemonade now!

OK, I'm back, ahh, this is so good. Man, I just thought about wrapping my lemons in bacon before juicing them, MMMM, bacon. OK, I need to stop typing and just go watch some TV! I'll bb tomorrow with some more.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 2 - The Lemonade Diet Hunger Pains

OK, I'm pretty hungry, that's for sure. Day 2 was definitely worse than Day 1, but still tolerable. The salt water is still a rather unpleasant drink for sure, but it's only a quart, and it's absolutely essential, so you just have to suck it up and get it down. Man, that stuff is efficient! lol! I just want to take a second to say that if I can resist the urge to eat while working IN A RESTAURANT, I thoroughly believe than anybody wh's truly wanting to undergo this cleanse can definitely do it.

To this point, it seems like a true test of mind over matter. I've spent a lot of time sitting today, so I'm a bit down on energy, but that's pretty normal for the first couple days from what I understand, so I'm just gonna keep pushing through. Oh, and btw, as we talked about yesterday, I upped the cayenne pepper "to taste" today, going to a 1/4 TBSP... and WHOA!!!! The longer the pepper sits in the lemonade, the stronger it gets, and it was definitely strong today. I mean, I love cayenne on most things, but a few glasses of the ultra version of the lemonade was a bit much for my tastes, so we went back to the 1/10 TBSP from the original recipe. I was quite relieved. The tea tastes better the longer you go without food, and it's almost an enjoyable drink this evening. Well, I'm going to finish watching this episode of Mythbusters and it's off for a good sleep, I don't work until tomorrow evening.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 1 of the Master Cleanse Diet

Well, we're at the end of day 1. 10% done! Today wasn't as bad as I was expecting, to be honest. I woke up a few hours early since I read the salt water flush can be a pretty brutal experience. I was a bit surprised, I've read a couple other people's experiences and they talk of waking up with pain from the tea, and I really didn't have anything of the sort.

Anyways, back to the salt water, it's a bit hard to get down at first, due to it being quite saline, but if you just drink it in small amounts, it's not that bad. I won't go into the hideous details of the flush, or anything of this diet, there's websites for that sort of stuff, lol, but just know that there's a decent amount of time during your first day spent "cleansing" if you catch my drift. Because of this, I do recommend trying to start this cleanse on a day where you don't work, just save yourself the awkward looks on your way back to your desk with a bottle of lemonade with flakes of cayenne pepper, only to be headed right back to whence you came 10 minutes later.

The lemonade is actually quite refreshing, the cayenne adds a pleasant kick to it. the original recipe by Burroughs says to add cayenne "to taste", and I like cayenne on pretty much everything, so we'll up the dosage tomorrow and see how that goes. As far as hunger, I'm not really feeling it too bad, I mean, I want to eat, but I just grab my trusty bottle of lemonade and I'm OK again, hopefully this continues for the rest of the cleanse. I'm already through my tea for the evening, and getting ready for bed, talk to everyone tomorrow!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Day before the Master Cleanse begins

Figured I'd start off with a quick entry for the day before. I went out and bought a couple days worth of ingredients today, since I wanted to make sure my lemons were always fresh when making my lemonade. Despite all the advice to the contrary, I couldn't help but going out with my friends tonight and having a nice, unhealthy dose of burger and fries, something I'm certain to regret tomorrow. It's about 9pm right now and I'm sitting here drinking the laxative tea, it's not the tastiest, but all in all, I've definitely eaten and drank much worse in my day. I'm a bit apprehensive about starting this, but if I'm wanting a better, healthier life, I know I just have to go for it.

My Master Cleanse Diet Journal

Hello everyone, and welcome to my experience with the Master Cleanse, or Lemonade Diet. Sometime around Christmas I was sitting around with my family trying to come up with a good resolution for the year that I wouldn't instantly break. As I was busy wolfing down a nice fat slab of ham, and talking about my new job with my family, my mother commented that I needed to eat healthier, and voila! we had a resolution. Now, eating healthier was a good start, but I decided to broaden it a bit in the week following to just living healthier in the new year.

I started doing some researching on common, everyday things I could do to help my body out, and stumbled across the idea of fasting as a cleanse to jump start the process. I'm almost 23 now, and have put my body through a lot in that time, and decided that if I was going to start anew with a better lifestyle, cleansing myself was a proper way to usher in this new beginning. I did some internet research, and eventually came to a really helpful site, My Lemonade Diet. It really helped in helping me find other resources and information about the cleanse. I wound up buying a book called Master Cleanse Secrets, and I'm starting my Master cleanse tomorrow. I'm keeping this blog for a couple reasons, but mainly just to keep myself motivated, and if a few people read it and get inspired that would be awesome too.